Township of Monroe

Adult Communities Board

The Commission on Adult Communities recommends, advises, and offers input to the Township on its programs and services as they relate to the senior community.

Meetings: Will meet six times per year on the last Tuesday of the month on Jan. 29, March 26, may 28, July 30, Sept. 24 and Nov. 26 at 7:00 in the Senior Center Conference Room located in the lower level of the Municipal Building.



Melvin Bondy

Council Representitive
Henry L. Miller

Betty Schneider
Irwin Wistreich
Norman Korn
Ken Meyers
Howard Rosenthal
Judy Sforza
Benjamin Baum
Jules Weinblatt
Alex Banks
Mike Salinger
Chuck Stein
David Mason
Adrienne Fein
Ben Roth
Leonard Baskin
Stuart Schwartz
Jack Schwartz

Bonnie Leibowitz

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