Township of Monroe

Affordable Housing Board

The purpose of this Board is to administer the Township's housing element and fair share plan in order to comply with the Fair Housing Act and the Mount Laurel Doctrine.

Affordable Housing meetings are held four times per year on the second Wednesday in January , April, July and October, 2018 at 7:00 PM.

Where do I apply for this program?



Tanya Pannucci
Affordable Housing Officer
Township of Monroe
1 Municipal Plaza
Monroe Township, NJ 08831
Tel. (732) 521-4400 ext. 160 Fax (732) 521-2055

For additional information regarding COAH income limits, affordable housing opportunities and applications, please click and view the site below.

Affordable Housing Application

State's Coah webpage.


June 16 Application Deadline for Qualifying Affordable Housing Rehabilitation Contractors


Affordable Housing Rehabilitation Program - printable

Board Members

Chairman and Council Representative

Stephen Dalina

Randy Beverly

Glen Tucker

Kenneth Hilyard

Joseph Delaney

Richard Lans, Alt I

Hemant Patel, Alt II

Affordable Housing Officer
Tanya Pannucci

Board Attorney
Jerome S. Convery

Board Planner
Mark Remsa, PP, CLA, AICP, ASLA

Board Engineer
Mark Rasimowicz
Municipal Housing Liaison
Tanya Pannucci

Board Secretary
Claire Juraska

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