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Senior Center Offers AARP Tax Prep Program

The Monroe Township Senior Center is now accepting appointments from low-to-moderate income residents wishing to have their tax returns prepared through the free on-site AARP program.  Starting Feb. 5, AARP volunteers will be at the Senior Center, the organization's fourth largest preparation site in the state, each Monday and Wednesday preparing simple tax returns. Transportation for this service is available at select days and times.

 For more information or to book an appointment, contact Senior Center representative, Rosanna, at 609-448-7140.  This year's deadline to submit taxes without an extension is Tuesday, April 17.

Better Business Bureau Releases Top Scams of 2017


Advisory: The Better Business Bureau Releases Top Scams of 2017. Read to Prevent Becoming Victim to These Common Scams.

According to the Better Business Bureau the following are the Top Scams of 2017. Many are new twists on existing scams, but scammers become more sophisticated every year in how they spoof trusted brands and how they fool consumers.

1. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) - Scammers posing as IRS agents claim you owe back taxes and threaten lawsuits and arrest if payment is not sent immediately. Keep in mind, the IRS does not make threatening phone calls, nor do you send payment via unconventional methods such as gift cards or wire transfer.

2. Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes - Winning the sweepstakes, dream vacation, large amounts of money, a new car, shopping spree or new technology sounds great especially if you didn’t enter to win. Unexpected prize and lottery scams rely on your excitement to lure you into paying fees for your prize or and typically require that you provide your personal information with the intent of compromising your identity. Remember, you should never have to pay fees for winning a prize. You will also never win a lottery you never entered.

3. Government Grant - Victims receive a phone call, email or letter stating they qualified for a government grant, but to receive the grant you must pay the processing and/or delivery fee via wire transfer or prepaid debit card. Never send money by wire transfer or prepaid debit card to somebody you don’t know or haven’t met in person.

4. Auto Warranty - You receive a letter in the mail that your auto warranty has expired, but you have a limited amount of time to extend your warranty for a low cost. Often times you’ll receive more than one letter that extends the time for you to get that low price. Check with before purchasing another warranty from a company.

5. Tech Support - Consumers are being targeted by fraudsters pretending to be well-known tech support companies. Victims are contacted with a message on their computer that a virus has been detected and to “fix” the problem, a phone number or website is given to purchase an anti-virus computer via debit or credit card. Computer manufacturers will not contact you to let you know if there is a problem with your computer.

6. Phishing/Smishing - You receive an email or text telling you that you’ve won a contest, a business or someone posing as an official at your place of employment needs to verify your personal information, such as your Social Security number. Never click on links or open attachments from unsolicited emails and never provide personal information without first verifying the source.

7. Employment - Scammers advertise a job opening or guarantee job placement if you pay a fee to cover the cost it takes to place you in a job. However, after you pay, there’s no job and you are out of money. Remember, if a potential employer asks you to pay the company to cover the costs of testing, training or background checks, consider it a red flag.

8. Advance Fee Loan - Advance fee lenders charge an upfront fee and will “guarantee” you a loan despite your credit history and chances are you won’t get your money back. Legitimate financial organizations will always check your credit history. A lender who isn’t interested in your credit history is an immediate red flag.

9. Bogus Online Retailers - You see a highly sought-after item for a discounted price or a puppy too cute for words. You wire the money or pay via pre-paid credit card. The money is gone, you have no items, and the retailer is nowhere to be found. Always use caution when dealing with unfamiliar online retailers. Read reviews at to make sure you are dealing with a business you can trust.

10. Medicaid/Medicare Scam - You are contacted by a government authority who claims they wish to send you a free gift for updating your account information. You soon discover you never received the gift and your identity has been compromised. Never provide personally identifiable information to an unsolicited phone call or email without first verifying the source.

11. Travel/Vacation Scams - Con artists post listings for properties that either aren’t for rent, don’t exist, or are significantly different than pictured. They then lure in vacationers with the promise of low fees and great amenities. Another common travel scam is the timeshare resale con. A timeshare owner who is looking to sell gets a call from someone claiming to be a real estate broker or agent. These scammers claim to specialize in timeshare resales and promise they have buyers ready to purchase. To secu re this service, the scammer pressures the target into paying an upfront fee. The timeshare owner pays up, but the reselling agent never delivers. You should never pay for a vacation rental by prepaid debit card or wire transfer. These payments are the same as sending cash. Remember, if it’s too good to be true it probably isn’t.

12. Identity Theft – These scams are designed to either steal your money now, or steal your identity now in order to steal your money later. Scammers have all kinds of techniques to collect personally identifiable information. Once they have it, they can effectively become you, using your identity to open accounts, file taxes, or obtain medical coverage. Look for unexplained withdrawals, charges, and accounts. Also, check your credit reports regularly for unauthorized inquiries and accounts.

13. Phony Debt Collection - The scammer calls and tells you that they work for a loan company, law firm or government agency, and claims to be collecting an overdue payment. When you reply that you don’t owe money, the “debt collector” starts to make threats of suing you, having your wages garnished, arresting you, or forcing you to appear in court thousands of miles from home. Despite the threats, these "debt collectors" don't have any legal power. In most cases, the alleged overdue loan do esn't even exist. Don't give in and pay money you don't owe. If you do, the scammer will likely be back for more.

14. “Can You Hear Me?” - You get a call from someone who almost immediately asks “Can you hear me?” Their goal is to get you to answer “Yes,” which most people would do instinctively in that situation. There may be some fumbling around; the person may even say something like “I’m having trouble with my headset.” But in fact, the “person” may just be a robocall recording your conversation… and that “Yes” answer you gave can later be edited to make it sound like you authorized a major purchase. Use Caller ID to screen calls, and consider not even answering unfamiliar numbers. If it’s important, they will leave a message and you can call back. If someone calls and asks “Can you hear me?”, do NOT answer “yes.” Just hang up.

For additional information regarding scams prevention and tips visit

JCP&L Tree Maintenance 1/16


JCP&L has scheduled tree trimming and maintenance in Monroe Township beginning the week of January 16. This work includes trimming limbs away from electrical wires and electrical facilities, which will help reduce service problems and outages for our residents.


If you have questions related to work near your property, please contact DANIEL R. BLACK, Davey Tree Customer Service Specialist at (609) 480-9411


NJ Veteran Income Tax Exemption

New Jersey veterans, who were honorably discharged before the last day of the tax year, are now eligible for a $3,000 exemption on their income tax returns.  More details, including documentation required to qualify, can be found at:

Residents may also download the following PDF submission FORM, along with return instructions at the bottom half of the form, by clicking on the link below.

Property Alert Service

Middlesex County Clerk’s Property Alert Service

In an effort to prevent property fraud, Middlesex County Clerk’s Office is now offering a free property alert service.  The service will notify property owners via email any time a document affecting the property is recorded by the Clerk’s Office. To register a name or business, along with an email address, log onto and search “property alert.”  For further details, contact a program representative at 732-745-3364 or 732-745-3365.

Friends of the Senior Center Membership Drive

Friends of the Senior Center Membership Drive through January

Friends of the Monroe Township Senior Center, the fundraising arm of the Senior Center, will be holding a membership drive now through the end of January.  For a $5 annual fee members of the Senior Center can help support the Friends, which actively assists with everything from projects to the food pantry to grant programs. Learn more by calling 609-448-7140 or stopping by the Senior Center’s 12 Halsey Reed Road location. 

Departing Councilman Michael Leibowitz Honored for His Service

Departing Councilman
Michael Leibowitz

Honored by Monroe's Council


At a special Council meeting on December 27, Mayor Gerald W. Tamburro and the Township Council honored departing Councilman Michael Leibowitz, who was joined by his wife and granddaughter.

Members offered up a few nostalgic stories, a couple of parting farewells and a plaque in recognition of Mr. Leibowitz's many years of public service.

FREE Rabies Clinic

Home Energy Assistance

Home Energy Assistance
January 2018


The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) helps very low-income residents with their heating and cooling bills and makes provisions for emergency heating system services and emergency fuel assistance within the Home Energy Assistance Program.  Learn more about applying, including eligibility requirements and local community action agencies, on the State's Department of Community Affairs website. 


Residents can also find more information or locate their nearest application agency by calling an Energy Assistance Program representative toll-free at 1-800-510-3102

Other possible resources: or or also call 1-800-662-3115.

Alerts for Monroe Residents


Exchange Zone at Police Headquarters

Sign up for Monroe's OEM facebook & Nixle

Disabled or a Senior Resident Registration Available

Officials Report Thefts on the Rise

County Prosecutor Issues Alert

County Residents Targeted in Phone Scam

Monroe's Awards


The Community of Monroe Giving During the Holidays

Members of our local PBA visited the Bristol-Myers Squibb Children’s Hospital at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in New Brunswick yesterday with a windfall of toys from their recent drive in tow.

With the community's support, these officers were able to brighten the day for a lot of children, who could probably use a little extra cheer this holiday season. Well done to everyone involved -- the spirit of giving here in Monroe is nothing short of inspirational!


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Winter Preparation Tips

Click for Space Heater Tips

When possible, we ask that residents stay off the roads during snow storms.  Should you need to travel, please take extra precautions and drive safely.

Monroe’s Public Works Department, which covers some 156 miles of roads, would also like to share a few helpful tips with our residents:

Be patient.  Typically, staff strive to complete an initial plowing of streets within 24 hours after precipitation has ended.   Please remember that main roads will be plowed first and kept clear for the safe passage of emergency vehicles; secondary and neighborhood roads will be plowed following this.  Depending on the severity of the storm, a secondary and curb-to-curb sweep of roads and neighborhoods will follow.  

Try to delay shoveling at home.  The plow trucks will unavoidably push some snow back onto residential properties as they attempt to clear the roadways.

Prior to a storm, please remove all vehicles, trailers and basketball hoops from Township roadways.  This will better enable the DPW to thoroughly plow your road.

Please remember to be a good neighbor, remove snow and ice from the sidewalks bordering your home, help firefighters by clearing around fire hydrants and check on neighbors who may require assistance clearing their walks.

If there is a medical emergency, continue to follow normal protocol by calling 911.

First-Ever Electric Car Charging Station in Monroe


In an effort to reduce carbon emissions, the Township has installed the first-ever electric car charging station in Monroe. For all of you hybrid and all-electric vehicle drivers, this no-cost, level 2 station is operating 24-seven and located in an exterior spot, marked by a large green symbol, in the Library’s parking lot.

What's Happening At the State Level

Article from NJDEP Website

AQES’ Role in Facilitating Electric Vehicle Deployment

In New Jersey, the transportation sector is a large factor in creating ground-level ozone, or smog, the State’s most pervasive health-related air pollutant.  

Tailpipe emissions also include toxics that are harmful to public health. And the transportation sector accounts for almost half of the State’s greenhouse gas emissions. Greater use of electric vehicles will address all of these issues, reducing pollution and improve the quality of our air.

The State’s Energy Master Plan highlights electric vehicles as one of the options that will drive New Jersey’s transportation future. Since electric vehicles run on electricity stored in a battery, they are ultimately powered by New Jersey’s electrical grid, which is among the cleanest in the nation. Therefore, charging an electric vehicle in New Jersey reduces harmful emissions compared to driving a gasoline or diesel powered vehicle. 

AQES looks at electric vehicle deployment from all angles, including the technology, charging infrastructure, regulations, incentives, outreach and education, and regional coordination.  The Low Emission Vehicle (LEV) program focuses on getting electric vehicles to NJ, while the highly successful It Pays to Plug In: Electric Vehicle Workplace Charging Grant Program encourages employers to install electric vehicle charging equipment. It Pays to Plug In has awarded nearly $850,000 for 180 charging stations, and will expand beyond workplace charging in the Fall of 2018.  AQES also works with the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities to promote cleaner transportation alternatives.

Finally, AQES works to inform New Jersey’s public about the benefits of electric vehicles and dispel the myths about electric vehicle ownership.  For more information about AQES’ Electric Vehicle efforts, visit

Electric Power Provider South Jersey Energy

(If you are currently with Tri-Eagle enegy, you will automatically switch to South Jersey Energy)


As a reminder, the Township has a contract with South Jersey Energy to provide residential electric power supply at a fixed price of $.o7662 per kwh for 2 years beginning December 1, 2017.

If you are currently with Tri-Eagle enegy, you will automatically switch to South Jersey Energy. This is a 19% savings as compared to the current JCP&L rate.  

Any questions, contact Harold Klein at the Township offices, 732-521-4400.

Alert: There are many teaser rates out there for energy supply.  It's important to read the fine print. 

Getting to Know Monroe Services



Learn more about the extensive list of municipal services exclusively available to Monroe residents below: 


1. Community Center’s Fitness Center – Open to residents 18 years and older.  An annual $10 membership registration fee is required. Fitness Center is open from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily with the exception of weekends in July and August, when the Community Center closes at 5 p.m.  Please call 732-723-5000 for further details. Recreation On-Line Registration and Payment "Community Pass" Service


2. Recreation Department’s Summer Camp – Accommodates Monroe children Monday through Friday during summer break. Children are provided with supervision and enrichment, as well as sporting activities between 8:15 a.m. and 2 p.m. at one of three locations: The Township Community Center, Mill Lake Elementary School and Woodland Elementary School.  The seasonal cost starts at $100 for the first child and decreases for each additional child.  Staff can be reached at 732-723-5000 to answer any questions about the upcoming season.

3. Library’s Free Museum Passes – Residents can borrow free passes to one of more than twenty regional attractions – everything from rock climbing in Morganville to the Museum of Modern Art in New York City to the Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton.  The three-day passes must be booked online prior to pick up and dropped off before 11 a.m. on the day of return.  More details can be found at or by calling 732-521-5000.

4. Bookmobile – If a resident can’t make it out to the library, then they can visit the Library’s Bookmobile. Patrons can get a card, check out or request books or return material through this mini mobile library.  Currently, the Bookmobile cruises by dozens of locations.  The Library also offers door-to-door book deliver, returning every three weeks with new and requested material, for homebound residents. See the full schedule at or call 732-521-5000 for more information.

5. Paper Shredding – Several times per year, Middlesex County, in coordination with the municipal Recycling Department staff, schedule paper shredding events, where resident may take confidential and personal paperwork for shredding at a local site during a designated time or until the shredder is at full capacity.  Dates are typically advertised on the Township’s homepage 

6. Bulk Pick Up – Schedule a once-a-year pick-up of larger items like refrigerators, appliances, furniture and more by contacting Monroe Township’s Department of Public Works at 732-656-4575.

7. Paint Drop-offDispose of any outdated or unused paint at Monroe’s Recycling Center, 76 Gravel Hill-Spotswood Road.  Monroe will be accepting paint from residents on the third Saturday of the month between 8 a.m. and 11:30 a.m.  Call staff at the Department of Public Works at 732-656-4575 for more information. 

8. Safe Zone – Monroe Township’s Police Department is making it safer for residents to exchange online merchandize, providing a designated area at its headquarters for this type of activity.  At the front of the building, 3 Municipal Plaza, two spots to the left of the flagpole are videotaped and monitored 24 hours per day.

9. Project Medicine Drop-off – A secured box, located in the lobby of the Monroe Township Police Headquarters, 3 Municipal Plaza, allows residents to safely dispose of any unused, excess or outdated prescription drugs at any time, 365 days per year, without any questions.  Further information can be found by calling the Police Department personnel at 732-521-0222.

10. Transportation –  Monroe’s Transportation Department provides out-of-town bus routes for residents. For residents 55 years and older, as well as those who are physically challenged, Monroe also offers in-town busing and curb-to-curb pick-up and drop-off for medical appointments. Contact Transportation Department employees at 609-443-0511 or review an up-to-date schedule at

11. Animal Control – Monroe’s Office of Animal Control responds to calls regarding lost, stray, injured or nuisance domestic animals, as well as wild, rabid animals and vicious dogs.  Staff also handle the disposal of deceased animals on local roads.  In addition, the Township offers a once-a-year free rabies clinic in the winter. More information can be found at 732-521-0222.

12. Links to Services  – For more service info click on the Senior Center, Transportation, Recreation, Cultural Arts, Library, Recycling, Paper Shredding, Project Medicine Drop-off, and Animal Control web pages to view their events and services.


Recycling Dos & Don'ts

Monroe Among the 30 Safest Cities

#7. Monroe Township, Middlesex County, New Jersey

Along the outer reaches of suburban New York, this New Jersey township has become one of the fastest-growing cities in the Northeast. Residents are attracted by the fantastic educational opportunities in Monroe Township, which was voted best high school in America, Silver in 2014 by US News.4

For detailed information read this Safewise article.

Safe Exchange Zone

In an effort to ensure a safer location to exchange merchandise that has been purchased online, the Township of Monroe has established a Safezone Exchange location at the Monroe Township Police Department Headquarters. 


If you are facing the front of headquarters, the first two spots to the left of the flag pole are reserved for the safezone exchange.  Signs have been erected indicating the safezone parking spots. This area is well lit and monitored by cameras 24 hours a day.



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