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Winter Preparation Tips

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When possible, we ask that residents stay off the roads during snow storms.  Should you need to travel, please take extra precautions and drive safely.

Monroe’s Public Works Department, which covers some 156 miles of roads, would also like to share a few helpful tips with our residents:

Be patient.  Typically, staff strive to complete an initial plowing of streets within 24 hours after precipitation has ended.   Please remember that main roads will be plowed first and kept clear for the safe passage of emergency vehicles; secondary and neighborhood roads will be plowed following this.  Depending on the severity of the storm, a secondary and curb-to-curb sweep of roads and neighborhoods will follow.  

Try to delay shoveling at home.  The plow trucks will unavoidably push some snow back onto residential properties as they attempt to clear the roadways.

Prior to a storm, please remove all vehicles, trailers and basketball hoops from Township roadways.  This will better enable the DPW to thoroughly plow your road.

Please remember to be a good neighbor, remove snow and ice from the sidewalks bordering your home, help firefighters by clearing around fire hydrants and check on neighbors who may require assistance clearing their walks.

If there is a medical emergency, continue to follow normal protocol by calling 911.

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Recycling Updates

Octoberfest 10/21

Annual Green Fair 9/29

Empty Bowls Auction 6/6

National Night Out 8/7

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