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Keeping Our Community Safe- A Collaborative Effort

January 29, 2019

By Mayor Gerald W. Tamburro

Ensuring the safety and security of all Monroe Township residents and businesses is my top priority.  Together with my administration and staff, we work hard to enhance existing programs and identify new measures for protecting our community.

We regularly evaluate the staffing needs of our law enforcement agency and I am excited to welcome four new patrolmen to the force in January.   

I also am proud that Monroe Township again earned recognition in 2018 as the 29th safest city in America by the National Council for Home Safety and Security. 

Security Camera Registry

One of the ways we maintain this ranking is through the outstanding efforts of the Monroe Township Police Department (MTPD).  The MTPD recently announced a voluntary security camera registry where businesses and residents provide access to their outdoor surveillance footage that could aid police investigations and expedite consequences for offenders while deterring future unlawful activity.  Please contact MTPD to be placed on the registry.              

Don’t Get Scammed

I also wanted to make sure you protect yourself against telephone and computer scams. 

Scammers have become increasingly adept in their efforts to con unsuspecting victims.  They may pose as representatives from a governmental authority, the utility department or the IRS. 

They use “spoof” phone numbers that appear to be from a nearby location.  Scammers may demand immediate payment via credit card, gift card or money order.  They may claim a grandchild has been arrested and demand bail.  He or she may sound authoritative, saying you owe back taxes and threatening an arrest warrant. 

Email scams may appear as notifications from a reputable company claiming that your email account is infected with a virus.  Once the scammer gets into your account, they fish for important data such as social security, driver’s license or bank account numbers.

Ultimately, the scammer’s goal is to upset the victim and threaten consequences that will spur a rash decision.    

Take the following steps to avoid being victimized: 

  • Do not answer calls from unfamiliar phone numbers.  Block unsolicited callers. 
  • Remember that authorities such as police and IRS will not demand money or other compensation via telephone. 
  • Never provide social security, driver’s license or credit card numbers to unsolicited callers.  Reputable sources will offer secure means for disseminating this information. 
  • Keep abreast of the latest scams at  

If you suspect a scam, take the following actions:

  • Stay calm.   
  • Hang up immediately. 
  • Contact the Monroe Township Police Department non-emergency line at 732-521-0222.  A representative will take your information and forward to the Detective Bureau for further investigation. 
  • Contact your financial institutions.
  • Report the scam attempt to the Federal Trade Commission at

We will continue to make every effort to keep Monroe Township a safe place to live and work.  We must work together to protect our community at large.  Please remain vigilant and stay informed.  If you see something that doesn’t seem quite right, say something. 

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