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Mayor Gerald W. Tamburro

January 04, 2016

I am humbled and honored by your confidence in my ability to lead this Township as your next Mayor.  

I promise that I will work very hard for ALL of the residents of the Township.   I will do my very best to maintain stable municipal taxes, low water & sewer rates while providing solid municipal services to all of you.  I am proud of our success in providing a safe and clean community.     

I plan on maintaining our experienced senior staff to join me in leading our local government.


I plan on initiating the following:

  1. I will continue an enhanced dialogue between the Municipal Government and the Board of Education, especially looking for ways we can help each other for the benefit of the taxpayers.
  2. I will work to pressure State officials to change the school funding formula to enable Monroe Township to receive its fair share of State Aid.    Losing a cumulative total of $16.5 million in the last six years is totally unacceptable and unfair to our taxpayers.
  3. I will be evaluating our personnel organizational structure for possible improvements.  This is especially important as we will have several senior management retirements in the next few years.
  4. I will continue to pursue opportunities to expand our own well water sources to discontinue the purchase of outside surface water from a private water company.
  5. I will be also evaluating our future open space acquisition needs and a possible reduction of our local open space tax.  However, this would require the support of the voters in November.

Without question, the most serious challenge facing our Township is the State and Court-mandated Affordable Housing obligation.    No matter who was elected Mayor, this problem would be at the forefront of all Township issues.   I feel my background as the Affordable Housing Board Chairman for the last several years arms me with the most experience and best qualifications to tackle this very complicated issue.    

Our attorneys have been successful in two (2) different levels of Court (most recently in the Appellate Division) in beating back the State government from seizing our Affordable Housing Trust funds.     Under the threat of builders remedy lawsuits from three (3) different builders and a challenge from the Fair Share Housing Commission, we are meeting with the Court in an attempt to settle the total number of mandated affordable housing units required in Monroe Township.     This court case affects the Township’s remaining build-out and future impact on public school children.   Our primary goal is to protect the Township’s interest by minimizing the number of mandated affordable housing units.

I look forward to serving all of you for the benefit of the fine residents of our Township.

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Mayor Gerald W. Tamburro

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