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Township Continues Water Allocation Purchases

February 01, 2016

Mayor Gerald W. Tamburro


The Township is continuing its efforts to provide more local well water for its residents at a lower cost.


For the second consecutive year, SWM International in Spotswood approached the Township about purchasing water allocation rights for an additional 300 million gallons per year.   Last year, the Township purchased the allocation rights for 750 million gallons of water per year.


Once the new wells and treatment facilities are constructed and our 30-year contract with the NJ American Water Company ends in 2017, the Township will no longer have to purchase additional water from them, saving the Township over $500,000 in operating expenses each year.


Currently, the Township pays NJ American $2,750 per million gallons for supplemental treated surface water to supplement our existing ground water supply.  With the new allocations, the projected 40-year cost of purchasing the rights, developing and operating the new wells, the new comparable cost will be under $700 per million gallons of water.   This action will bring all of Monroe’s water supply in-house. 


The new allocation provides good news for residents in the north end of town.   These actions will significantly improve water pressure in this area.


A new well will be constructed on Spotswood-Englishtown Road near Matchaponix Road this year.  It is expected that this well will generate 2.4 million gallons of potable water per day.   This well would otherwise not be permitted at this location by NJDEP if it were not for the purchase of these water allocation rights.


Another part of the allocation will be used to drill a new well for non-potable (irrigation) water that will be used in three developments in the northern end of town.   These developments were constructed with separate irrigation pipes in the ground for outside water use.


There are more than just monetary benefits to the water allocation purchase program.   Currently, local ground water produced by our Utility Department and water purchased from NJ American is blended together.   NJ American treats surface water that can be anywhere from 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer months.   Conversely, the Township uses ground water that is usually around 50 degrees Fahrenheit year round.


Once the new wells are on line and we no longer receive water from NJ American, the water will not only taste better at a more consistent temperature throughout the year, all at a reduced cost.

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Township Continues Water Allocation Purchases

Mayor Gerald W. Tamburro

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