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A Bittersweet Sendoff for Wayne Hamilton

March 01, 2017

Goodbyes are never easy and it feels like we’ve been saying far too many as of late.

March 31 marks a bittersweet day for us here in Monroe’s Town Hall, as our Business Administrator Wayne Hamilton heads into retirement after devoting 15 years to our community.


Being the Business Administrator in any community in New Jersey for more than a decade, is largely considered an anomaly.  It often involves long taxing hours and on most days, a thankless job, which has typically led to a high turnover rate in municipalities across the state. Nonetheless, all of us in Monroe could not be more thankful for Wayne’s wealth of knowledge, unshakeable leadership and guidance over all these years.   

Like most in his field, Wayne was tasked with steering the Mayor and Council in the right direction, oversight of the municipality’s various departments and day-to-day operations, ensuring our divisions were following the letter of the state and federal laws and more importantly, albeit one of his great labors of love, budgeting.


As many of you may be aware, with Wayne at the helm, the Township’s bond rating has inched its way up to AA plus status and is expected to top out at the peak rating of AAA status before the year is out.  In part, we credit that accomplishment to our Business Administrator, who ensured our fiscal integrity with a strong budgetary performance and ample reserves. In addition, Wayne is also a State-Certified Qualified Purchasing Agent, which has benefitted the finances of the Township.


For almost eight years, he has worked hard for the Township to realize an expanded library and community center, as well as a stand-alone senior center. Many of the programs our residents have come to cherish are the indirect handiwork of Wayne, who pushed for measured expansion and growth when a housing and warehousing boom freed up funding. Of course, he’s led Monroe through several dark hours – from school budget defeats to the hurricane-caused flooding to the Great Recession – and we landed on our feet each and every time, much in part due to Wayne’s compromising nature and solution-driven mentality.


Aside from his professional endeavors, we have watched and admired Wayne’s resolute and personal commitment to public service. He was appointed to Spotswood’s Recreation Commission at the early age of 18. Within four years, he ran for Borough Council, where he held a seat behind the dais for four years. He rose to some local political stardom when he became the borough’s Mayor at only 26 and served for another six years; although, he’d eventually leave the post to step behind the curtain, helping administer municipal government.


Wayne is also a veteran member of the Spotswood Volunteer Fire Department, having spent five of those years as the organization’s chief engineer. While we here at Monroe are sad to lose such an important facet of the municipal family, we count ourselves fortunate for having Wayne for this long of a run and we wish him nothing but health and happiness for the future.


If any of our residents would like to see Wayne off personally, I invite you to attend his final Monroe Township Council meeting in the Municipal Building, 1 Municipal Plaza, March 6 at 7 p.m.


In the interim, we are searching for his replacement, a person who undoubtedly will have some very large shoes to fill.


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