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Introductions in Order for Councilwoman Miriam Cohen

June 01, 2017


Mayor Gerald W. Tamburro

It is my pleasure to introduce our newest Township Council member, Miriam Cohen, who was appointed to an open at-large seat in March 2017.

I personally know Mrs. Cohen as a respected nurse and as a devoted wife to husband Jerry, mother and grandmother of five.

Being a respected professional in the healthcare field, Mrs. Cohen’s insights will be highly beneficial in improving services for our residents – from the senior centers’ operation and our social services program to disaster management planning.

She earned a bachelor’s degree in nursing from Adelphi University and went on to complete a master’s degree in community health nursing from Rutgers University.

Mrs. Cohen retired in 2006, but is currently a registered nurse and an adjunct professor at The College of New Jersey.  

As the current president of the Whittingham Homeowner’s Association and with her active role in the larger community, Mrs. Cohen is a familiar face to some.

But for those of you who have not crossed paths with our Councilwoman, an individual I have come to value for both her balanced nature and intelligence, I hope you take the time to congratulate her as our newly appointed official. 

Ms. Cohen is known for her role as the former head of the East Brunswick’s League of Women Voters, a single chapter of this bipartisan group.

She has a broad and remarkable list of titles, to include senior consultant for MIIX Healthcare Group, director of referrals at the Essex Valley Visiting Nurses Association, public health nursing supervisor at the Middlesex County Public Health Department and most recently, director of disaster planning for the New Jersey Primary Care Association.

Mrs. Cohen also served on Monroe’s Affordable Housing Board for the past five years.

It is very likely you will have a chance at one of the Township’s many upcoming events to meet Ms. Cohen, who has long been a staple at our community functions.    If you have the opportunity to strike up a conversation, I am certain you will quickly discover a sharp and engaging personality, as well as a civic-minded resident, much as I have.

We count ourselves fortunate to have her onboard here in Monroe.

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