Township of Monroe

Recreation Advisory Board

The purpose of the Monroe Township Recreation Advisory Board is to provide a monthly forum for our recreational professionals, facilities maintenance specialists, recreational league coordinators and community organizations to report and discuss the status and conditions of their respective venues.

This Board then shares any necessary information regarding the Town's recreational programs and its facilities with the Mayor and the Towship's governing body.
For current programs, please go to:

Meetings: Recreation meetings are held on the second Monday of each month at 7:00PM in the Community Center. The April meeting will be held Tuesday, April 18th and the October meeting will be held on Monday, October 16th. There will be no meeting in July or August. Please check the township's calendar for changes.


Phone: (732)723-5000
Fax: (732)723-5014


120 Monmouth Road
Monroe Township, NJ 08831

Superintendent of Recreation
Mary Lange

Board Members

Joseph Isola

Vice Chairman
Robert Levinson

Council Representative
Stephen Dalina

Board of Ed. Rep.
Kathy Kolupanowich

Board Recording Secretary
Claire Juraska



Norm Olinsky Ward 1 Rep.
Michael Nichols Ward 2 Rep.
Michael J. Fisher At-Large Rep.
Gary Busman At-Large Rep.
Lori Magee At-Large Rep.
Norman Olinsky Adult Communities
Joan MacKay MT SEPA Rep
Su Reiser Special Needs Rep
Lt. Lisa Robinson Police Liaison
Erica Fisher Student Liaison
Jayson Dalina Student Liaison
Bill Craver Soccer Rep.
John Feretich Girl's Softball Liaison
Rob Cosenza Basketball Liaison
Mary Lange Wolverine Liaison
Joe Garavente Lacrosse Liaison
Joseph Fiordaliso Wrestling Liaison
Gregg Johanesson Table Tennis Club Liaison
Mike Maiolo Baseball Liaison

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