Township of Monroe

Tax Collector

This office is responsible for maintaining the Township's tax accounting records, it also prepares the annual tax list and a monthly report of Township tax funds collected, received and deposited.

The tax collection office processes all current and delinquent real and personal property taxes; and it charges and receives penalties and interests for all collections.

The Office of the Tax Collector, also known as Revenue Collection, is where property tax bills are paid. Each tax quarter has a 10-day grace period.


IMPORTANT: If you are a new homeowner and have not received a tax bill, please contact the Tax Collector’s Office at 732 521-4400.


Property taxes are due on:

  • February 1
  • May 1
  • August 1
  • November 1

For interested residents, we are providing residents with the online ability to pay taxes through a method called Automatic Clearing House (ACH). ACH will allow residents to automatically have their quarterly tax payments taken directly from their bank account for tax payment to the Township. ACH applications can be found on-line and can also be picked up in the Tax Office.

Please call 732 521-4405 for all billing inquiries.

NEW - Online Credit Card and E-Check Tax Payments (WIPP)

Please be advised that credit card and e-check payments can only be made online. All online tax payments will be charged a processing fee for each transaction.

The processsing/convenience fees are retained by the service provider and are not paid to nor shared with the Township of Monroe.


Mastercard 2.95%
Visa 2.95%
Visa Debit Card $3.95
E-Check $1.05


On June 24, 2010, Standard & Poor’s released its updated general obligation bond rating for Monroe Township by affirming its’ solid “AA” rating and stable outlook.

The rating reflects their view of the Township’s and cites “stable residential property tax base, above-average wealth and income levels, very diverse tax base, solid financial profile characterized by very strong fund balances, and moderate debt burden with limited additional capital needs.”

Standard & Poor’s reported, “The Township’s median household effective buying incomes are a very strong 157% of the national average. Unemployment, which is currently 8%, has historically below state and national rates.”

The Township’s overall net debt is low at less than one per cent (1%) of market value. The Township has $207,281,448 of unused and remaining borrowing capacity as of 4-5-10.

“Business Administrator Wayne Hamilton, Chief Financial Officer George Lang and their staff are to be commended for maintaining solid financial management which benefits all Monroe Township taxpayers,” said Mayor Richard Pucci.

Contact Info

Tax Collector
Luann McGraw-Russell

Phone: 732 521-4405

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